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Multi-Surface Restoration

Carpet Cleaning/Restoration

 Carpet cleaning is one of the most common services requested for from our clients at CFS. Commercial carpeting going through a lot of wear and tear which can result in dirt, allergens, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants getting trapped deep down into the fibers of the carpet; leaving it dull and faded. These particles can accumulate over time and cause health problems for employees and customers which is why having a clean and sanitized indoor environment is important. With powerful vacuums that constantly circulate clean, hot water, we can remove all the buildup so that your carpet can look and smell great. You’ll also benefit from our pretreatment of stains and high-traffic areas. From restaurants and large stores to medical offices and churches, we have provided consistent, quality carpet maintenance for all types of commercial spaces and all types of carpeting for your convenience.


  Tile can provide an elegant look to your floors but, the grout can easily build up dirt, whether it be from using dirty mop water, spills, or simply foot traffic. Our technicians will thoroughly clean your tile and grout with scrubber machines to clean thoroughly, then rinse, extract and dry your floors. Next, they apply a sealant of your choice to help the tile maintain stainless. Your floors will be complete dry by the time your job is completed.


  After a long period of time, vinyl or vinyl composition tile (VCT) floors will become worn usually due to high traffic areas, and may need some extra care to bring them back to life. While not all stains can be removed, many can with proper and effective cleaning.  We first begin with cleaning the floor using a neutral floor cleaner. A neutral floor cleaner has a pH of about 7 while an all-purpose cleaner and other type of floor cleaners may have a pH of 10,11 or higher, making the product more alkaline. This alkalinity can strip away the finish on vinyl floors, leaving it dull.


  The next step is removing stains in the tile with a scrubber machine. These can get stains that are deeply embedded in the grout of the floor or the pores of the tile. With the floor clean, a floor finish should then be applied. This will help restore shine and protect the floor from future soiling.


  Over time, any stone/marble floor will sustain wear and damage. Restoration of lasts 3-5 times longer than polishing, and removes all scratches and damage from your floor. The first step is identifying the need and extent of restoration from the client, and then working with that to plan what works best to restore. Foot traffic and other factors damage the surface of your marble or natural stone and inevitably, ruin the finish. High traffic areas sustain more damage, leading to unevenness. We overcome this by a process of using sequentially finer diamond abrasives to cut through worn, scratched, etched, or otherwise damaged areas including areas worn from traffic patterns, then re-polish or re-hone, and seal to restore your desired finish. Your property will remain neat and clean as we provide complete clean up after our services.


  Granite has a natural texture, however, normal cleaning methods and household cleaners do not offer a deep cleaning into the pores of the stone. By using professional strength solutions to clean your granite tiles or floor, we will remove the build up dirt that accumulates. Scratches, stains, etch marks, and other blemishes need to be removed to resurface the deep luster and high gloss of the granite. Using a sealant after granite resurfacing will strengthen the stone’s ability to resist future dirt and stains as well.


 Limestone is usually a soft and understated stone yet, very elegant. It doesn’t take a high gloss polish as marble does as it has more open pore structure. Therefore, making limestone more susceptible to deep stains and deep dirt penetration. It is also more prone to deep etching by acidic and alkaline solutions. The open pore structure makes it harder to protect as sealers are less effective and don’t offer the same protection as they would on a harder marble. Correct cleaning and maintenance becomes much more important with these types of stone. Our specialists at CFS can remove oil and stubborn stains, repair cracks, fill holes, remove etch marks, re-seal and will complete a full limestone floor restoration if requested.

Epoxy Flooring 

Epoxy is a surface coating that protects concrete floors from the daily foot traffic or wear and tear that can degrade concrete over time. It is a stain-resistant, chemical-resistant, durable floor coating that provides luster and beauty to industrial settings



-They offer inexpensive and durable protection for concrete floors that last years and can reduce maintenance costs over time.

-Epoxy coatings can be formulated to be chemical or spill resistant for businesses that require this type of chemical resistance for the safety of their workers.

-There is a variety of options available, such as: anti-skid, impact resistant, and fire-resistant options that can prevent accidents in the workplace.

-Optional color coats that can help designate specific work zones, indicate areas used for storage, vehicle parking, foot traffic and more.

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