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Maintenance Services

  Here at Complete Facilities Solutions, we specialize in a complete range of janitorial cleaning services. Our priority is to exceed our customer’s highest level of expectations by providing close attention to details, being compliant and efficient to ensure top-quality results. Our staff at CFS, are trained with integrity to be reliable, consistent, and ensure our customers are happy with our services.

We know how important it is for your business to be up and running and for your property to appeal to staff and customers. Whether you run a restaurant or manage an office, Property Maintenance can help you improve your business residence with minimal fuss.


  • Reliability — You can count on us to turn up at the agreed time with the required equipment and materials for the job. We operate a 'no excuses!' policy.

  • Minimal Hassle — Property Maintenance tradesmen work to your schedule and with as little interruption to your business as possible, so you and your staff can carry on as normal.

  • Quality Work — All employees are fully qualified and trained. Meaning you get the best results possible from a helpful and well-informed team of staff. All the materials and equipment we use are industry-standard and undergo regular checks to ensure efficient performance.

  • Open Communication — At CFS, we pride ourselves on clear, honest communication throughout our time with you. Unlike other companies, we don't disappear the instant you become a client or money changes hands.

Your medical facility’s appearance is your first opportunity to make an impression on patients and visitors. Creating a clean and safe facility builds confidence in your services and translates into improved patient satisfaction. At Complete Facilities Solutions, we have a continuous focus on quality management that drives our highly trained staff to provide unsurpassed excellence while focusing on the most innovative and proven products and procedures known within the industry.

Our medical cleaning service program expands beyond basic cleaning to disinfect surfaces and protect patients, staff, and visitors. Our medical cleaning team focuses on:

  • Disinfecting high-touch points

  • Computer keyboards, telephones, doorknobs and pens given to sign for a credit card purchase or in a doctor’s office all have great potential for harboring germs.

  • Quality measurements with checklists specific to medical standards to ensure effectiveness and proper training, ensuring consistency and the best possible result.

We serve the following facilities: Hospitals, Surgical Centers, Hospitals, Medical Office Space, Diagnostic Facilities, Rehabilitation Units, Assisted Living Facilities, Dentists Offices, Optometrist Offices, and Health and Wellness Facilities.

Medical Facilities:
Working With Property Managers:

The #1 complaint Property Mangers receive is regarding janitorial cleaning services. Cleanliness of facilities is a source of pride for owners, tenants, and clients. We know your service providers are a reflection of your company, and we do not take the responsibility lightly. Let CFS take the headache out of your day by developing a comprehensive and customized cleaning strategy that will not only give an excellent first impression for your clients but an ongoing impression of excellence.


What we can provide for Property Managers: Customized cleaning services, flexible cleaning schedules, floor stripping and waxing, window washing, carpet cleaning, restroom sanitizing, mini-blind cleaning, special request cleaning, event clean up, and grounds clean up.

Office Cleaning:

  Let the leading company in office cleaning business customize an office cleaning program to meet your facility’s needs. Presenting a clean business environment is key to impressing clients and customers and improving workplace morale among your staff. Our expert office cleaning staff will provide your company with a stress- free way of maintaining a professional atmosphere day after day. We do the work, so you can focus on your business. Whether your company requires daily commercial office cleaning services for your building, or a weekly or monthly service, we will customize an office cleaning program specifically geared for your business. Complete Facilities Solutions has the resources and expertise for cleaning your office building and getting the job done and allow your facility to reflect your professional business image.

Auto Dealerships:

  The Cleaning and Automotive Industries are similar in many ways. They both rely on creating a good first impression for the customer, as that is the lasting impression that they will have. It all begins with the quality of our associates that form and deliver that high quality of customer service.

  Our cleaning team is armed with extensive training and experience in all facets of dealership cleaning, which includes the service bays, windows, showrooms, customer wait areas and providing specialized floor care. All of which is designed to provide a positive first impression not only for the first time customer, but also for your employees to help form a positive work environment.

  Complete Facilities Solutions knows that any situation involving children elevates the importance level. Early Educational facilities including public and private schools, as well as daycares face cleaning challenges unique to other educational institutions. Because 20% of our nation attends these schools, they are four times as densely occupied as commercial office spaces, and more heavily used. There are greater risks to children because their learning space is so close to the floor and therefore requires specifically close monitoring of chemicals and toxins. Also, like medical facilities there tend to many aggressive bacteria exchange within the walls of our children’s learning space.



Educational Facilities: Daycares, Private Schools & Colleges:
Retail Spaces:

  Retail cleaning services can be used to both inspire sales growth and to inspire employee dedication. A clean retail space sets the stage for your business operation. Retail spaces that are cluttered and dirty distract customers from the items that you are selling and can even make them undervalue the items that you have on display. It can also make them question the safety of shopping at your store. These are just a few of the many reasons why consistent retail cleaning is important, and why occasional deep cleaning is required.

  While it is obvious that a dirty retail space can impact the way in which your customers view your company and your merchandise, it may also impact your employees’ performance. When an employee has to work in a space that has dirty floors and overflowing garbage their job satisfaction dips. This can lead to high turn over rates and lower sales performance.

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